Noun Clause

Noun clause is a clause that fuuction as a noun.
Because the fuction as a noun,noun clause can be used in different position such as :
1. Subject of Sentence.
2. Object of Transitive Verb
3. Object of Preposition
4. Complement
5. Noun in Apposition

1. Noun Clause as Subject of Sentence
example : 1. What you said doesn’t convince me at all.
2. What the salesman has said is untrue.

2. Noun Clause as Obejct of Transitive Verb.
Example :   1.  I know what you mean.
2.  I don’t understand
what he is talking about

3. Noun Clause as Object of Preposition
Example :  1.  Please listen to
what your teacher is saying
                        2. Be careful of what you’re doing.

4. Noun Clause as Complement
Example :  1. This is what I want.
2. The good news is that the culprit has been put into the jail.

5. Noun Clause as Noun in Apposition
Example :  1. The idea that people can live without oxygen is unreasonable.
2. The fact that Rudi always comes late doesn’t surprise me.


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